A Traditional Style Wedding

26 / May / 2016 - Category:

Big School Interior

As we all know, wedding trends are forever changing, from wedding dress styles to colour schemes, which is why you can never go wrong with opting for a more traditional wedding style. Having a traditional style means it will remain timeless.

Choosing the right venue to echo this chosen style is crucial, which is why selecting a vintage-looking building is most definitely the way forward. Malvern Weddings, for example, offers this classic style and also beautiful grounds that give a wonderful back-drop to your photographs.

One of the most crucial decisions in the whole process is selecting the right dress and, for a classic bride, finding that perfect traditional wedding dress can be tricky. Traditional wedding dresses never differ from white, ivory or pearl and they tend to be more demure. A full length dress with a some-what loose fitting style is the best way to go for that traditional look. Despite strapless being on trend right now and it not portraying this look, designers have recently incorporated this style with traditional lace and beading.

Flowers are the finishing touch to any occasion, but for a wedding, they are what tie everything together. To go classic, steering away from combining bright colours together is essential, instead, opt for nudes, pastels and maybe a hint of colour to really set the theme. For the bride, a falling style bouquet is the most elegant way of displaying the chosen flowers and it still retains the classic style.

In no way is it uncommon to forget about cutting the wedding cake, however, the cake is an important element of the big day. For a traditional wedding cake, fruitcake decorated in white icing varieties like royal icing, buttercream, etc. Many traditional wedding cakes are displayed in tiers, and some modern twists on these include a different flavour in each, or different coloured icing on each layer.

Combining all of these elements, and adding a few personal touches of your own, will set you in good stead for the big day.